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Marijuana Legalization On The Ballot (Live Results)


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Voters in three states are deciding whether to legalize recreational marijuana. Three other states are casting ballots on marijuana for medical use. Refresh this page for the latest results.






Amendment 64 amends the state constitution to allow the personal use and sale of recreational marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol. Tax revenues go to school construction and the state's general fund. VOTES PERCENT Yes 1,233,306 54% No 1,033,639 46% 77% reporting


Measure 80, endorsed by Willie Nelson, legalizes the personal use and sale of marijuana by adults. Tax proceeds go to the state's general fund and drug treatment. Yes 626,938 45% No 770,316 55% 73% reporting


Initiative 502 legalizes it — but only for people over the age of 21. And sorry green thumbs: personal cultivation without a license is still illegal. Yes 1,056,355 55% No 848,919 45% 51% reporting


Question 3 follows the lead of neighboring Rhode Island, which has been bogarting all the medical marijuana in Narragansett Bay since 2006. Yes 1,747,041 63% No 1,010,238 37% 92% reporting


Issue 5 makes the state the first in the south to approve medical marijuana. For 496,425 49% Against 525,632 51% 95% reporting


Initiative 124 is a total buzzkill: it ratifies restrictions on medical marijuana that the state's legislature put in place in 2011. For 218,484 57% Against 166,410 43% 83% reporting




Where Is Medical Marijuana

Already Legal?

Seventeen states have already legalized medical marijuana for ill patients.

Any state that legalizes recreational marijuana use becomes the first to do so — a reflection of long running trends in public opinion toward more permissive attitudes.



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Detroit Voters Overwhelmingly Pass Marijuana Decriminalization Proposal, ‘Prop M’


Proposal to decriminalize up to one ounce of cannabis passes with 65% – 35% margin Detroit voters approved a proposal that would amend the city code to remove criminal penalties for possession of up to one ounce of marijuana on [More]

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Detroit – passed with 114,909 yes votes


Flint – passed with 14,404 yes votes


Ypsi – passed with 5,635 yes votes


Grand Rapids – passed with 44,638 yes votes


Kalamazoo – passed with 13,569 Yes votes



Become aware of the rules for each city - they are not the same!

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