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Dare Curriculum Drops Marijuana

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Has the national DARE organization -- Drug Abuse Resistance Education -- removed the discussion of marijuana from its curriculum? It appears the answer is yes, reports Kevin Shaub at KNDU.


Nearly 100 students who graduated from the Sunset View Elementary DARE program in Kennewick, Washington, will be the last group to be taught the potential dangers of marijuana, said the Kennewick Police Department's DARE officer, Mike Meyer.


"The new curriculum starts as of December for us here in Kennewick," Meyer said. "It does not bring up the subject of marijuana at all." More >>

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That 'Just Say No' campaign set back cannabis reform by at least 20 years. Prior to that campaign people were talking in terms of 'hard drugs' and 'soft drugs' but after 'Just Say No', all drugs got grouped together as equally evil. Politicians talked that way, people bought it, and punishments for cannabis use began getting more severe again.

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Good, if this is true, they (LEO) can smoke a fkn joint and talk about how heroin is killing everyone I know... :sick:


Maybe you should find different friends! every one i used illegal narcotics with is either dead or in prison, I left that group behind when I grew up! hmmm lets see my son will be 25, so yea ive lost alot of old associates since that time, and the ones that are alive I cant stand to talk to them, they just go out of prison, I dont do prison talk! I speak english now and than when i get pissed off, I speak french!


Only a few of my old crowd that I went to school with and partied with are constructive citizens in society,, the ones that went the prison route are in and out and always will be! and well the dead ones are dead!





p.s some people just never grow up, and I totaly know what addiction is, im a recovering alcoholic today, Im a former crack head, and you name it ive done it, everything but stick a needle in my arm! so yea I know addiction, it is very hard to stop, but if I can any one can! I am no one special, just like loosing weight if I can lose over 165lbs so can every one else, it they are some what healthy of course, and under a dr.'s care! I lost that weight over 5 yrs ago, and the most i go up and down now is like 10lbs! I was prediabetic, when my dr. wrote me a prescrption for glufaloge,(spelling) I went on a diet now! 1 yr later every one was bitching at me to quit loosing weight, dieting is addicting also! so are tattoos, and I need a new one!

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If people want to do drugs let them You cannot successfully legislate drug use


i think old honest Abe said it best...."

“Prohibition... goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control mans' appetite through legislation and makes a crime out of things that are not even crimes... A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our Government was founded.”

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