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Hello From The Oppressive State Of Fla!

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Yes, sarcasam. ;) what's up people of MMM.org! I just recently discovered the site, and so far like what I've been reading here. I'm hoping to move to CO now that A.64 has passed. Ha Ha. I wish.


Nope, just here to do my best to learn from those of you who've mastered the fine art of botany, and hopefully implement those techniques in my garden.


I have a tent which I'm eagerly awaiting to use. Starting small with a 250HPS, and trying to K.I.S.S. I have both a 4 site DWC system, and a bunch of 2 gal grow bags that I plan on filling with Botanicare's ReadyGro Aeration soilless mix I just bought. It looks like some primo stuff.


Food wise, I have mostly samples from Bio Bizz, as well as a 50 ct of Xtreme Gardening feeding packs.


Anywho, just wanted to share, and hope to meet some of you soon.



Take care all!

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Welcome to the site farmerb,


I hope to continue to read more posts from you in the future, lots of big changes nationwide when it came to MM..


Good luck in your venture, this is a great site to find many forms of information try to utilize the search bar feature if you don't find the answers your seeking down the road. Again welcome, glad you found this great family of PT's and CG's here at the MMMA.




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Good luck to you, and my best advice is to read the state laws esp as they relate to minimum mandatory sentencing! I recently moved after the local sheriff's dept decided to disregard the constitution, 4th amendment, yada.... It wasn't until the re-election that many of the mudd slinging between incumbant and candidate(s) that the truth came to light about some of the violations, as well as video and digging by defense attorneys. I have video of my home under seige, but youtube will not post for some reasons, and was lucky enough that I didn't open the door and they didn't have approved/official reason to seige. Regardless, I gave up a long time well paying career to move to Mi, and have to say so far I don't regret it, although that could change when winter and poverty set in. The folks have been great so far, and couldn't afford to go west coast. Either way, I have a cheap home here and MUCH better than letting the BAD (serve and protect - the prison industry) people win!! Cheers!

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