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New Oil / Old Cancer Patient Almost Cured

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good news from my 89 yr old mom,

after 3 months of taking oil in candy my mom is on the road to being cured.

This is a cancer patient who has triple negative breast cancer which spread to the lining of her lungs.

she was on a trial chemo drug for 2.5 yrs. then kicked off as the study was done.

then TAXOL was the only chemo offered, i called her in florida, and she said the way she felt she was going to die and wanted to visit us here in michigan to spend her last couple of months with my wife.

then i eduicated her on RSO. she would give it a try. she started with drops i sent to florida, Results she found in the tinchure she started to feel better from the chemo.

a month later she moved in with us and i got her registered with mmp and then she met my caregiver and started on her chocolate.

thank god for caregivers.

today she got the results from her pet scan and the cancer tumors are shrinking.

thank god for caregivers RSO and POT.

she wont smoke but thank god for smoke.

UPDATE the doctor took her off from chemo a blessing as i didnt want her organs to start to degress

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I would like to suggest that you keep up us informed of any future pet scans or similar scientific tests results. Of course when your 89 you don't buy green bananas ( I wish her many more years but you just cannot call it.) . In general, what I would like to see would be a collection of people who were actually cured or had their lives inarguably extended by the use of rso or similar and that this result be confirmed by hard data and professional medical opinion of the patients status.


I tend to be a skeptic about these matters and would like to be shown that my skepticism was unwarranted. Best of luck!

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