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I found a very small black seed while cleaning some B.C. God Bud to smoke. Teeny-tiniest seed ever but it looked very mature. I figured the seed would never germinate and quite possibly turn hermaphrodite anyway, but I've got nothing but time, and I like experiments, so here we go. After soaking in some towels about a week the taproot finally peeked out. I put it in a solo with some starter mix and put it in with my Oh Zone mom under 18/6 @250W HID. It took forever to break the ground. I almost gave up but it finally came up and it was teeny. I had to break out the 60X to make sure it was even a cannabis plant. So, here it is a week after transplanting from the solo. The rootball was only about half the cup but very well structured and firm. It is one month and few days old. The upper fans have five fingers. It has mega fat stubby leaves and is a stout little guy. The main stem is barely the size of 1/2 toothpick and I noticed lots of small branches erupting under the fans today.


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Fun project you have there! Was that mama godbud from fem seeds or regular?


That's the experiment part. It was a lone seed in a God Bud from a local disp. I knew it would probably herm but the tiny size of the seed and the resulting miniature plant has kept it alive. Wondering if I should go ahead and put it in flower, or wait and see if it flowers like a ruderalis. It's 36 days old and is 1.75" tall. I was hoping someone may have had a similar experience. I'll keep it going and take regular pics. It's the smallest plant I've ever seen in all my years.

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