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Four More States .. The Walls Are Falling Down.


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When the walls come tumbling down ..




State Legislators in Rhode Island and Maine Are Announcing Marijuana Legalization Bills Tomorrow


Mike Riggs| Nov. 14, 2012 11:20 am

edith-ajello.jpg?h=345&w=230State legislators in Rhode Island and Maine will announce bills tomorrow to legalize recreational marijuana, a spokesperson for the Marijuana Policy Project announced today.

Rhode Island Rep. Edith Ajello and Maine Rep. Diane Russell will hold a conference call tomorrow with the Marijuana Policy Project to announce the legislation.

MPP says that "similar proposals will be submitted in at least two other states — Vermont and Massachusetts."

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Apparently their is an addendum to this article. I copied the rest of it here for your perousel:


A ballot initiative legalizing medical marijuana passed in Massachusetts last week with more than 60 percent of the vote. Maine voters voted to expand the state's 1999 medical marijuana law in 2009 to include dispensaries. The Rhode Island legislature decriminalized marijuana earlier this year, and has had medical marijuana since 2006 (a VERY stupid error on my part, since I blogged the Rhode Island legislature's decrim vote).


Correction: This post originally said that the bills would be introduced tomorrow. They will be announced tomorrow, and then, introduced whenever legislative sessions begin.

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