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Smoking With My Wife.


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It's co-mingling, but i doubt she will turn you in for it!!




This is why pt/pt transfer without compensation is important IMO.


If you are actually worried, make one of ya a caregiver for the other and it should resolve the philosophical argument...., maybe.


Or is this just about not wanting to share!!!





Don't be putting me int he middle of some domestic issue...



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If we share a joint or bowl, are we co- mingling med's?


Is this risky?


you are co-mingling, (exuse me, I need to try and swallow the coffee in my mouth or find a place to spit, besides my screen) man you co mingler! see I make sure i get mine if we are gonna be co mingling, she has something I need, and I have something she wants, so it usualy works out! :yahoo-wave:


aint life a beach, woman have all the kitteys and the cash! cant live w/o em, so either way wifey cums out the winner!


Great question though :butt2:



Jim :P

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