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Sad To Report The Attack Of Blue Water

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Six expected to face charges in compassion center case


Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette filed charges today against six people connected to an investigation of the Blue Water Compassion Centers in St. Clair, Sanliac and Tuscola counties.

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pop AMSDILL into st clair county court page to see the cases:



fcuk you bill schuette!


wow, going over all of the case records its like the county/township had it in for the entire amsdill family over the years. similar case in 2006 mfg marijuana. james is on his 4th or 5th habitual con now. they're going to throw the book at him!

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It surprises me that Schuette would do this when we are so close to a decision in the McQueen case that could make this whole raid moot. It's almost as if he already knows what the decision will be.



I agree

Do people here still think that the S.Court is

going to let any card holders sell Weed to any card holder

Never going to happen sorry

Please don't take this wrong am all for it am just more realistic about it

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