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Kicked Out Of A Family Practice?


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How can we find a doctor for "managed care" and even "pain management" when we are getting kicked out of practices for using medical marijuana? Even signing a "drug contract" doesn't work, of which my daughter signed one but it only said "recreational or street drugs", yet another family practice facility which is associated with a state university kicked her out for finding THC in her urine test. She (was) under managed care (family doctors) and now what does she do ? She'll be running out of her medicines soon. Who does she turn to now? She does not use pot for recreational purposes, but when family managed care doesn't think she needs pain meds, she smokes a little pot to help ease the pain, then is truthful with her doctors AND signs a "pain contract" that does NOT have "medical marijuana" on it, yet gets kicked out, what can she do? She also has mental illness and threatens suicide due to pain problems Chronic pain is no fun and wears you down fast. Where can we turn? There is a clause in the law/rules that states:


"Rule 333.127 Management of medical marijuana.


Rule 27. (1) A qualifying patient who has been issued and possesses a registry identification card shall not be subject to arrest, prosecution, or penalty in any manner, or denied any right or privilege, including but not limited to civil penalty or disciplinary action by a business or occupational or professional licensing board or bureau, for the medical use of marihuana in accordance with the act, if the qualifying patient possesses an amount of marijuana that does not exceed the following:..."


But what course of action do we have when a professional denies a standing patient managed care????



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What a sad story we here have heard about this many many time on this site

The Doctors (not all of them) just want people to take pills and get hooked on them and then have to beg for more

They don't want people to grow their own Meds

The pill people would be out of business

I go to the V.A and I to was worried about how they would fell because them being the Feds I was lucky that they are OK with marihuana

But as far asTorey being in Easter seals now they were against Marihuana and she can not use it

I tried to talk to them about it they just had me removed from the office

And then one day at her Cancer doctor Appt. her doc told her the only way he would aloud her and sign her Rec. was if she had two weeks or less to live

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I feel bad for you, this is insane. We have the right to choose our medicine, Michigan voters said so!


If you have the money, sue the hell out of them. If you don't have the money, try the ACLU, maybe they would help you. Otherwise, maybe a well written letter to the editor may get some attention. This crap has got to end, this makes me so angry I could pull out my hair and scream.


Join a compassion club, join MINORML, become active in your local politics by volunteerism.

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dr.s dont have to see you, I lost my dr. after 12 yrs when they tested me for the first time in 12 yrs, which just happened to be right around the time I got legal! I called attnys, oh I was tinkled off! I was told there is nothing you can do, a dr. can quit you for any reason, and it dont matter, something about a no fault law in michigan! My primary dr, did my renewel one time, the next yr they moved to an office in st.marys and said they no longer to recomendations or renewels for the mmma program, they still see me luckily but I have to go to a different dr. for my renewell every year, I dont do them contracts in the pain clinics, some wont even see you if you dont, but I always told them I dont want you writing my rx's my fam dr is closer to my home she can write my prescriptions and they exchange my records, but i dont get urine screened and they know im an mm pt!


Best of luck, just find an mm friendly dr, that isnt in or associated with a big hospital and you shouldnt have any problems, lets hope things get better!


When my dr. quit me, and I was almost out of meds, I called them and told them I havent found a new dr. yet, what should I do check into the hospital now when i start dt ing (i dt;d for 8 days and wound up in i.c.u out and almost died when i was taken off of my meds cold turkey) and they knew that, so they wrote my rx's till I found a new dr. and well lets hope it gets easier and not harder here with the dr.'s




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I had surgery recently and the nurse was a bit nonplussed when she called a couple days before with the details and instructions. She snippily put me on hold for some time so she could call the surgeon and the anesthesiologist and then came back to the phone to explain that there is a list at that hospital because some doctors won't see medical marijuana patients.


After the IV was in and they had already given me a tranquilizer the anesthesiologist came in (a super hot blonde as I recall but it may have been the benzo in my blood :lolu: ).


She opened my file and graced me with a beautiful smile before saying: "Now you didn't do more than 5 bong tokes this morning, right? :bong7bp: :bong7bp: Not the easiest way to ID a fellow smoker, I suppose but it worked....


Oh, and doctors are in business and they also have rights! They don't have to see you if you if they don't want to. Your remedy is simple- go to another doctor! Lots to choose from, for now....

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