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Need Help With Computers? Hardware,software,custom Builds, Upgrades, Advice, And Troubleshooting. Also Website Design And Development; Dynamic/static

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I have experience in all of the following areas and will be able to offer services at a very reasonable rate for fellow patients and caregivers. If it is anything to do with a computer I am you guy. I have certifications and experience in all of the following but not limited to: website design/programming, website development, HTML , C+, Java, ....certifications in Dreamweaver as well as Adobe Photoshop 6. Excellent with all Microsoft Office Suites. Complete Repair or custom build of desktop computers as well as laptop's. Services are not limited to the above categories, I am experiences in many others as well. If you need anything feel free to inquire, I don't mind helping with advice and troubleshooting free of charge in most cases. Thanks for taking the time to read my post!



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I apologize I did not receive notifications of these comments. I have experience with just about anything in terms of networking. As far as programming I can do any language that commond across the web. As far as my free lance work I like to keep it to smaller projects but for the right amount I will tackle anything. Location is Southern Central Michigan, Although anywhere south of 94 and some north of 94 is within my range of service. If you would like to know more information contact me anytime. Thanks for messaging and I have adjusted my settings to notify me anytime anyone messages. Apologize on the delay!



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