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Help, Brown Leaf Edges, Sick Baby


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I've got these brown spots on the leaves and as you see they are looking really sick. The bigger on is over a month old from germ and the little one has the same traits and is a couple weeks germ. I haven't had this problem before but I recently moved to a new setup and I have changed to RO Water.


For the little one I only add PH'd water and a bit of aussie tonic, for the bigger one I have PH'd RO water, aussie tonic, 600ppm jungle juice 3 part. PH is 5.8 for both, 70f degree avg temp, 40% humidity.


I have cuttings in the same room which are all healthy. I just cannot figure out what it wrong with these little girls. I thought it could be a potassium def and flushed and increased potassium, which didnt seem to help because the new growth still went brown around leaf edges.


Also, I thought my de-ionized RO water was cause problems so I cut out the de-ionizer with the RO system and flushed. This has been 4 days since I did this. At the same time I thought maybe the RO water was causing a manganese def so I added 1 parts tap water to 5 parts RO.

My nutrients


Jungle juice grow, micro, bloom, 2ml/l

green planet procal

beneficial bacteria

aussie tonic

600 ppm total.


Could aussie tonic be cause this? this is the first grow I have used it, also first grow I have used RO water. thanks

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I hope you are right about the PH issue. My ph pen was acting strangely but I had used it anyway. It was reading the water as ph 6.2 from the RO reservoir. I thought this was strange but used it anyway. That was like that for a couple weeks and only now that I have bought a new PH pen that I see it reads at 7.2. I corrected it down today and now I wait. Please let this be the solution....


Side note, my PH pen is an Oakton PH2 and less than a year old. I believe it went on haywire because I used it in de-ionized water. I have read that deionized water messes up the wick on the pen. I have since taken the de-ionizing step out of my RO system and am left with water that is 10ppm. (lowest measurement on my tds pen)

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looks like nute burn.

try using half or even a quarter amount of what it says on the nute bottle.


you arent supposed to add nutes to a seedling until it makes some more leaves.

or maybe something that doesnt burn, like organics.


i dont know whats in aussie tonic, no websites list anything for it.

why all the mystery haha.

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make sure the water your testing is around 70-75 degrees and the pen is at the same room temp. Since it is winter the colder temps does effect the reading. Ever put the meter in the water and it jumps up and down and reads very slow? its cause the water is way to cold. You can fix this by putting a fish tank heater in it and let it sit over night till it gets around 70 degrees. Right now just use tap water let it sit over night with a aquarium heater in it and set the temp at 70-75 degrees. Buy good meters they range around 200-400 bucks a meter. 9 out of 10 times people always think it is nut burn it's NOT it is always Nutrient lock out!

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