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if you can clone it, its not an autoflower. autoflower means it flowers no matter what, which means you cant revert it back to veg. if you can its photosensative and is not an auto flower.

I assure you that ANY purported auto flowering cannabis plant can and is being cloned successfully, and kept in animated suspension. Its undifferentiated dna will quickly respond to commands of sprout and grow forth, to produce exactly as its mom did once in her life. This is not traditional cloning, but it is definitely "cloning" in every sense of the word. Not only can they be cloned, but stored indefinitely, like a mother plant. In fact I keep auto flowering mother plants inside tiny test tubes and use them often to produce great copies of mom.

I found it best to take my explants from my prized santa marta shorty early in its growth but have no doubts I could take a finished bud and coax a new plant from it in a short time. I've cultured anthers, seed tissue, calyx', stalks, root bits, and even a plant that was harvested days prior to culturing. Auto's don't scare this dude anymore !


The poor mans auto cloning should include root cultures, a really simple introduction to the culture culture. A new thriving plant can be produced from new or old root tissues, auto flowering or not.

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