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Dr Greenthumbs Iranian Og

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Destination: Iranian OG


Launch! Looking forward to seeing the progress.


If you don't mind, what is the "solution" you use?


I use distilled water with a drop or two of bleach. The I set the shot glass on top of my ballast for my little two foot light for my clones. They usually germinate overnight for me.

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Looking good!


Thanks Doc !


Well the Iranian OG is looking awesome no nute issues since i switched over to happy frog ill be sending her into the veg cabinet to give her a week or two under the 600 watt hybrid bulb.




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my hats off K :sword:


that plant looks healthy, happy and full of vit and vigor..


great job bud :goodjob:


looks like you have an excellent knowledge of this wonderful plant....


i am excited to see and hear how this strain turns out...


thank you so much for sharing... :pic:

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