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2D State Chemist Charged With Drug Tampering

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State drug lab scandal a national trend.


By Travis Andersen | GLOBE STAFF JANUARY 20, 2013


With state courts still reeling from trouble at the now-shuttered drug lab in Jamaica Plain, a second chemist — this one at the crime lab in Amherst — is being charged with tampering with drug evidence, authorities said Sunday.


Sonja Farak, 35, of Northampton, allegedly tested two samples, believed to be heroin and cocaine, on Jan. 2 and Jan. 8 and then replaced the drugs with counterfeit substances, Attorney General Martha Coakley told reporters at an afternoon news conference.


The allegations in the case against Farak are vastly different than those against Annie Dookhan, formerly a chemist at the Jamaica Plain lab, Attorney General Martha Coakley told reporters. She said officials are still trying to determine when Farak’s alleged theft of drugs, apparently for personal use, began.



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Wow this couldn't happen here or could it ? I know one time I was in a court

And the judge allowed and Qualified a Expert witness from the State police to testify against the Patient and she only had a 2 year Degree


And the Lawyer ask if she would allow his expert to testify that had 20+ years

Experience in Cannabis and she Denied that

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I agree I was at Barb Agro case and saw how it went down

And how the judge treated the jury and how the jury wrote notes to the judge and she wouldn't answer any of the the jury knew something wasn't right


But the jury was scared of the judge she called each of the juror out in the court room and made them rise their right hand and swore them inn

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