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Will I Be Able To Get Certified?

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Currently I'm on flexeril for muscle spasms and tramadol for knee and shoulder pain. I've had three doctors visits for this. Also used to be on robaxin. I'm going to be going to the greenlite clinic in troy. Also im on full disability ssdi for bipolar will this prevent me from getting my card?


I have been to the greenlite clinic they seam like they no about how things work and about the new Laws that have passed and will be in place soon

The Doctors name that I saw was Dr Kumar A Sinfh


when you leave their they give you a folder with everything in side and a follow up appointment regarding your use and its effectiveness of Marihuana


just in case you end up in court it will be almost impossible for the courts to have anything against


Witch is the MMMA level one risk as being the best of the best anyone can have good luck


Come back and let us know how things are going for you we all like hearing story's about how MMJ

Is helping

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