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People On Section 8 Not Allowed To Attempt To Aquire Or Possess Card?

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Was it HUD, or the management company? Yes, I have heard of this. This is something I once worked on. Is it possible to get an actual document saying this? Can you privately email it to me?


I tried his wife freaked out and wants nothing to do with fighting it she doesnt smoke and is afraid if they try to fight it they will lose their home.

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Don't need it to fight their case. We're using it to build a file. All the names can be redacted. Mostly need to see exactly who made this decision.


I here ya but shes not likely to give me anything shes a paranoid person her husband is someone i grew up with from the age of 3 is trying to break a heavy methadone habit i kicked my vicodone habit with heavy doses of cannabis over two weeks was trying to get him legal and help him do the same the clinic shows no signs of cutting him off or tapering his doses so he likely wont be around much longer unless he makes immediate changes .

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