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The Latest Lowell's Poll/+ Part 3 Of Tim Beck's Analysis Of The Walsh Bills

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Do you know someone that would not smoke marijuana, but that you feel would be open to trying non-psychoactive forms of medication like juice or topical oils?




The Walsh Bills. What’s up Next? Part 3


29 Jan, 2013


The Walsh Bills. What’s up Next?

Part 3

by Tim Beck 


Editor’s Note: This is the third installment in a series of postings. Read the first post HERE. Read the second post HERE.


Turning the clock back two years ago, a cruel future for the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (MMMA) seemed all but certain. On January 1, 2010 the Republican Party assumed complete control of all branches of state government and in less then 30 days the assault on the MMMA had begun.



Tim Beck at Hash Bash 2012

On January 5th, in the first major decision of his administration, Attorney General Bill Schuette eagerly licked the DEA’s boots. He agreed to honor a subpoena originally issued in June 2009, to his predecessor Mike Cox, to open the state patient/caregiver registry to federal fishing expeditions.


This was followed up in a few weeks, by Senator Rick Jones with SB 17, outlawing “marijuana bars” i.e., virtually any location where cannabis patients assembled and medication was used. SB 17 was the first of a plethora of anti MMMA bills which Senator Jones and a few other legislators unleashed in record time. In addition, Mr. Schuette continued the pile on, issuing a number of bizarre legal opinions as to what the MMMA purported to say.


These actions were largely prompted by real, as well as imaginary fears that the MMMA was “out of control.”


Speaking to what is real and playing devil’s advocate for a moment; I personally believe efforts by business persons aggressively attempting to open “dispensaries” in communities which did not them want them, enabled a growing climate of political hysteria. In addition, an influx of dispensaries located on Michigan Ave in Lansing, just down the road from the Capitol Building, was not conducive to good public relations. These were the major factors which caused the dam to burst, when Schuette and his Republican friends achieved complete power.






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No, never said they were breaking the law, they would never admit to that.


The high profile of many dispensaries did bring them to people's attention prompting the LEOs and legislators to strike back.


BTW, Tim Beck testified before the House that he was OK with opening up the registry to the state police. Personally, I don't want him speaking for me.

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Of course, no seasoned political observer should be shocked if some other misguided anti MMMA bills are introduced down the road. However, they are not likely to get any traction and will end up DOA, like many other “good” bills which also fail to become law.


Looking upon the Lansing political world “from a glass darkly” the one thing which has the potential to jump start serious legislative action, is a decision by the Michigan Supreme Court taking us back to pre McQueen days. This is almost certain to cause Republican controlled jurisdictions to again blow their tops, and turn up the heat accordingly.


I would agree with that statement. If McQueen comes down in our favour, expect extensive action in the legislature to resolve it. sigh'


But yea.

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greetings folks: don't be too certain about the republican machine: the latest changes were enacted by a lame duck congress. there are new members. and the next elections will likely shift toward dems. snyder, jones and shcuette have done significant damage to their own brand. abortion and medical marijuana laws enacted under the cover of night.

let's make it a point to spend time on the capital lawn this year and work with union protesters to see if we can break the state police budget!

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