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The Most Honest Three And A Half Minutes Of Television, Ever

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Its easy to see why this has happened..


People have no respect for one another any more, you see it every where you go.. and playing dirty is the norm as long as you win its ok..


Yes, very easy. Our leaders have put us here. They have lead us to this way of life. Our leaders are selling us out all of the time. They constantly lie, cheat, manipulate, deceive. It has a trickle effect down to the people they are leading.


Realizing the problem is only half of the battle. There is only one way to fix it and nobody wants to talk about that. C.W.

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Great video GiGi!


I want my country back too....


As you know you have to fight for it and that's the reason we are still in court

When you are fighting in court like we are Because we are not Guilty


It is really what this county is/ was all about and the main reason we our still


The truth will always stand its the lies you have to worry about


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