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Wifi Camera?

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I was thinking about getting one of these or similar item due to its low cost and I have read some reviews and they seem pretty good. I like the idea of being able to have images and video stored at a remote location and alerts that motion has been detected. Anyone one of you dealt with these before http://www.ebay.com/itm/CCTV-Camera-Wifi-Indoor-Outdoor-Wireless-IP-Network-Camera-with-36-LEDs-ZMODO-/110953335843?pt=US_Security_Cameras&hash=item19d5558c23

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I just purchased a 4 cam day/night indoor/outdoor wireless system.. I cannot freaking figure out how to program the stupid ip's for the wifi setup..


Other than that, clean crisp image, alarm is great, Just cannot get the wifi cams re directed or re named to actualy go wireless.. Also when you buy the wireless cams, note that you have to have a power outlet right by where ever your putting the cam, Or have a extension cord(s) hanging... defeats the purpose of "wireless"





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I bought a wireless PTZ cam from dell a few years ago, and had lots of trouble getting it to work until I got the manufacturer's phone support to assist. I still think their software is garbage, but what I recall is having to use a wired connection to configure and once that is working, disconnecting the wire and checking wireless connectivity. I believe you will want to use IP address starting with 192.168.1.## and if you have a secured router which is not broadcasting, I think I had to enter the EID for each device on my network to the router's approved devices list also.

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thanks guys and trix I had thought about the power cord and think I can work that out LOL but yeah it would be nice if they were battery. Shredder I had read some info in setting them up and it does seem kinda complicated and I remember reading about hooking it up wired first and configuring then going wireless. Shredder here was another I was looking at that seemed nice http://www.ebay.com/...d=p5197.c0.m619 I like the idea of being able to get alerts thru my phone since I work afternoons and sometimes my wife is sleeping before I get home I could know of something bad going on and alert her ASAP.We live in an area of very little crime but still have always wanted some type of help if something happens. 2 bulldogs at the house will also help :)

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I never was able to log into and view my camera from outside my local network. I used to have to remote in to my home PC from my office using LogMeIn (free service-NOT PC Anywhere) in order to view remotely. Mine will send email alerts, but I originally thought I would be able to access from the WWW without running my PC 24/7.


The link you provided seems to indicate remote viewing is possible, but you must setup a DDNS which I assume means dedicated domain name server. I haven't done this, but if not to complicated, I would like to. I think this means you must buy a domain name from a service like Go Daddy or something, but not really sure. Hopefully someone else here knows more than I do about this.


Here is what the link says: To view video REMOTELY, you need to run the DDNS


I would like to add more cams, but not sure how they will integrate with what I already have.

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