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Heavenly Rso Making Day

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On Valentines Day 2013 I decided not to go through my normal routine. I took the day off and made some RSO for the patient who accepted my free 60 gram alternative treatment offer. I decided to up the offer to a total of 90 grams, still free of course.


I prayed that it would be a nice day and that I would have a good time making the oil. I was blessed with a very heavenly day.


No words or pictures can really show how beautiful it was, but I will try.


I have had what seems like thousands of song birds chirping away at home before. Normally when there is that much activity with the song birds it is one species or another, such as finches or chickadees, but this day was different. This day the activity was evenly proportioned between the birds. I wish I had an audio recording of the activity, it was truly exotic. I did have my camera and took a few pictures of the birds and animals while I was making the oil.


The snow was gently falling that day. Nice pretty puffy flakes floating calmly to the ground. It lifted my spirits as I began making the oil.


The first view in the morning.

snow in the woods 2013 02140014



Here are the buds I started with. About 10 ounces of premium bone dry buds.

Dry buds for oil 2013 02140006

Dry buds for oil 2013 02140003



After stripping the bud, this is the leftover crap. Crap that needs to be disposed of.

After stripping - leftovers 2013 02140066



The rice cooker is set up after stripping the buds, ready to evaporate the solvent.

Evaporating solvent - making oil 2013 02140012



So, I had the camera with me, to take pictures of the oil and progress. While I was sitting outside watching over the rice cooker, I snapped a few pictures of my audience and friends.

chickadee and squirrels 2013 02140015

White breasted nuthatch 2013 02140030

Red bellied woodpecker 2013 02140037



I stepped inside to clean up some of the mess and started preparing for the final stage of the oil making.

I look out the window and I see my friends out there, looking in.

Pileated Woodpecker 2013 02140065

Pilleated and Downey woodpeckers 2013 02140082



I go back out to check on the rice cooker and took a few more pictures. The song birds and other animals were just rooting me on! You would have to hear it and see it to really believe it.

Evaporating solvent - making oil 2013 02140011

Finches 2013 02140054

Finches 2013 02140058

Beautiful 2013 02140114



Back inside to warm up and have a cup of coffee looking out the window at my friends.

Whitetail Deer 2013 02140108

Deer 2013 02140109



Back outside to check on the rice cooker, getting close now, almost ready to finish up inside.

Had a little one watching over me.

American Gold Finch 2013 02140055

Evaporating solvent - making oil 2013 02140023

Deer 2013 02140123

Squirrels 2013 02140063

Deer 2013 02140126

Deer 2013 02140131



The oil is ready for the final stage in the house we go. All of my friends are still outside swarming the yard, much more than what the picture can show.

Deer 2013 02140136



Now, let us get to the primo RSO.

Final stage - evaporating solvent 2013 02140099

Golden drop of RSO 2013 02140077

Final stage, removing solvent 2013 02140079



At this point, the oil is finished. Just look how pretty it is. So tasty too! I couldn't help it, that one little drop on the toothpick, I ate it and I sure felt good afterwards too! :)

Golden drop of RSO 2013 02140087

Golden RSO 2013 02140106



The three 10 cc syringes are for the patient. Looks like I get to keep 6 cc for myself.

Free RSO for patient 2013 02140113



Out of the 10 ounces of dry bud, I ended up with 36 grams of very high quality RSO. I used 99% isopropyl alcohol to strip the buds. Which was a pain to get my hands on, my usual source took it off the shelf so I had to order it online. The process took about 12 hours from beginning to end, but it was worth it.


This was really a blessing. During the warmer months, making the oil can prove to be quite difficult. Hundreds of chipmunks. They all know me well, curious and brave little critters they are. The love hanging around me when I sit outside and I have to watch the oil like a hawk. Speaking of hawks, I almost got a picture of one trying for one of the birds at the feeders, but I was too slow. Either way, I had a very blessed Valentine's Day. I am very pleased with how the oil came out. I wished for a bit more, but well worth it with the end result.


Just thought I would share my blessed Valentine's Day and I hope my patient feels equally blessed.



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One of my club members tried it and said it came out fine, but took longer to evaporate, apparently. I have not seen it myself yet.


Seems like it would work fine. The extra water will raise the boiling point of the solution, which will help assure that the solvent is boiled off. There might be some additional chlorophyll too, but an extra scoop of carbon will take care of that.

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Very Nice! I wish more people could create their own Hallmark moments, rather than relying on manufactured holidays and memories! Cheers GG!

I went looking for 99% at Meijer a few weeks ago after reading they carry it, but they don't from what I could tell.

Haha, Hey Bambi check it out, not only is the chow pretty good here, but this one doesn't seem to have an assault rifle with high capacity magazine either, so we got time to graze! ;~}
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If you are using a lower proof alcohol you can extract further by adding equal parts of naptha and water.


Shake them up and let the mixture settle. It will stratify into three layers. Save the naptha layer and discard the other two.


You will still have the fumes but not as much as a straight naptha extraction.

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Isopropyl alcohol has benzene in it. It also has residual sugars and leaves a lot of residue after evaporation. Personally, I feel it's the worst solvent to use, but that's my personal opinion.

Nope. Testing has shown all the residuals are gone if you performed your extraction correctly. Look to science for your answers rather than guessing that could hurt others. This was one thing that a machine could easily tell you. The machine can't tell you exactly what every patient needs, but they can give you quantitative results to see how the extraction process is working.

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I was wondering about that. About a year ago I noticed that the supplies of 99% were always short compared to the 91% and 70%. I wonder what's up?


I hate using naphtha. The odor is sickening.


Anybody use 91%?

I use 91 % when I have to. The 9% inert ingredient is just water so I condense it off and use the 100%. It's an extra step, so it's a PITA, but it's just an extra step.

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You may be thinking of the generic product "rubbing alcohol," which is sometimes made of ethanol rather than isopropanol and uses benzene, acetone, or other yucky/toxic stuff as a denaturant to keep people from drinking it. I have never seen pure isopropanol with benzene added.

Isopropyl and rubbing alcohol are the same thing. You're better off using acetone which is a refined isopropyl alcohol and leaves hardly any residue.

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Though I have never tried winterizing an acetone extract, I can tell you that acetone is terrible for doing the initial extraction, and pulls tons of waxes and lipids, as well as chlorophyll. The end result, unfiltered and unwinterized, was like dark green plasticene modeling clay, not even sticky!

Interesting, I wonder why it would pull more stuff out than alcohol when it's kind of like alcohol. I have a chemist I'd like to ask that question to. I'll fill you in on the answer if you're interested.

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Isopropyl and rubbing alcohol are the same thing. You're better off using acetone which is a refined isopropyl alcohol and leaves hardly any residue.

Like I said, we have had extractions using Iso alcohol tested for residuals and there are none if you do a proper extraction. Don't ignore the testing results, it's science you can depend on in this situation.

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I was told not to use denatured alcohol and that meant it had poison added to it. I was also told to find a liquor store that had ever-clear. this is an expensive way to go $100 disappears quick. even at the p. x. it's $24 per fifth. start grabbing 4 or 5 of these at a time and see what looks you get.

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ISO has 0 dissolved solids,,,,,

ya pour some out on a clean glass and after it evaporates it leaves white powdery stuff I would think that was solids left behind but I'm told it is because it evaporates so fast that it has a reaction with the air or something in the air but I 'm still scared to use it.
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A tamisium extractor is very safe, and recaptures 100% of every solvent used within. A guaranteed by weight checks and balances system will promise a complete safe non toxic removal. Just a  years worth of everclear will pay for one, and you only need to charge it one time, with ntane, hexane, alcohol, spirtits, even water. check it out.

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Great article.I understand it all as I have made a batch with Naptha but wanna try it again with ISO.I have access to 100%. My question relkates to the first part of your tut where you mention "stripping the bud. Can you explain more the actual stripping process .One wash? 2 Washs etc. Thanks


I explain in detail here. Be sure to read the entire article. I will be adding more to it in the future. There is always room for improvement and upgrades. http://www.rollitup.org/blogs/blog30912-how-i-make-rso-concentrated.html


If you are interested in vaporizing the RSO I have a blog here at MMMA http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/blog/532/entry-1026-my-experience-with-portable-vaporizers-pen-vaporizers-for-concentrated-cannabis-oil-and-e-cigarette-oil/#commentsStart


Hope this answers your questions.


Peace and God bless.

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it's always been a mystical experience wrapped in controversy, from some of the oldest texts. I wish I knew how we all went from olive oil topicals and edibles thousands of years ago, to chemical solvents and smoking, but I admit I like both too !


gg, I love your attention to detail in your blogs

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