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Cut Your Heart Attack Risk Dramatically By Simply Eating More Berries


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(NaturalNews) A recent study concluded that eating three or more servings of strawberries and/or blueberries per week protects against cardiovascular disease and heart attacks on women.


Only women? This study was for dietary influences that increase heart and cardiovascular health, not breast cancer. That's easily explained. This study was one of many in which registered nurses are the subjects, called the "Nurses' Health Study."


That's a pretty convenient approach since nurses are medically savvy and they work in doctors' offices, clinics and hospitals, thus making them easily surveyed, observed, and tested within a prospective study.




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I grew some berries in central Fl with mixed results. I got 2 strains of blueberries at a local farm where they were thriving with thousands and thousands of plants, and supposedly bred for the hot climate. However about half of them died, from what I think was a fungus they call rust. The ones which survived provided lots of really good berries however. They like very low pH, and I was using elemental sulphur and azalea food if I recall. The HD or WM strawberries I planted were pitiful, they were called Sequoia I think, but in small pots the berries were miniscule.

I am hoping the blueberries like it better here, but haven't shopped yet, and even if I retreat back to Fl I dare say I have learned a lot about organics since I got here. I've been neglecting to eat my berries lately, so thanks for the reminder!

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Scientists are genetically modifying strawberries in order to allow

them to resist freezing temperatures better. They're doing it by

artificial transfer of genes from a species of fish called the Arctic

Flounder Fish. The Arctic Flounder Fish produces an anti-freeze that

allows it to protect himself in freezing waters.


They isolated the gene that produces this anti-freeze and introduced it

to the strawberry. The result is a strawberry that looks blue and

doesn't turn to mush or degrade after being placed in the freezer. While

they're not in production, research is ongoing. Would you eat blue strawberries?

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We live in the eastern UP and have about an acre of blueberries on our farm, they do great here( specific varieties though). They do like acidic soil, which MI has plenty of. There used to be a strawberry farm about 5 miles from us and they grew fantastic berries there, only thing is they did not utilize organic methods, as we do :>) Screw the genetically modified phoods, who wants Arctic Flounder genes in their berries, not natural, have never seen a fish mating with a plant :>)

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Surprised the flounder berry doesn't have all of the seeds/eyes on one side! I was raising fish, African Cichlids, for most of the years I was in Fl so I should have taken some Stuart Granti Ngara Flametail Aulonocara fish genes and spliced into my berries for a fluorescent peacock blue and bright red berries!! Why didn't I think of that?? [~}

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Also, related to the GMO story, the big issue in central Fl is the fact that the berry farms use sooooo much water when a freeze is expected, they dry up the water aquafers and it appears this causes many surrounding homeowners to have problems with sinkholes and their houses being swallowed up. Of course the insurance companies don't want to cover this and try every dirty trick to not pay, or to charge extra for supplemental coverage. As a result homeowners insurance in these areas is outrageous. The theory is that by covering the berries with ice before a freeze, this protects the berries. For this reason alone, I may support others (esp the greedy farmers, whom I wouldn't blame if they weren't hurting others) eating the GMO berries!!

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