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Caregiver Seeking Licensed Patients In The Grand Rapids And W. Michigan Area


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Dear Patients


I am a licensed caregiver, seeking only licensed patients.

I have many different varieties of top drawer medicines from sweet flavors to stronger more traditional flavors...

as well as unique ones ( I have one that wakes U up, makin u feel pain free and full of energy)..

I can make top notch edibles, oil and butter only if requested by the patient and I am compensated for it...

I take a lot of pride in caring for them as well as for my patients..

I believe in treating people fairly and honestly...


In return for the quality of the medicines I provide for your needs...

I expect compensation....

My compensation rates are reasonable and fair...

I don't believe in over charging....

Patients pay Well below anything ever paid for by dispensaries and pretty much all caregivers..

as well as far better quality then 99.9% of them...

I only provide the best possible medicine at the most reasonable prices..

I Deliver


As a patient of mine if I don't happen to have your favorite for some reason

I will do my best to get that particular medicine for you..



Only serious licensed patients need apply

License, paperwork and photo I.D required to be a patient.



Thank You :)

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