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Hey everyone,


Growing in Jackson, looking to learn and share grow experience knowledge base. I am in my second year of legal growing my own meds. DIY is the way to go, but no grower is an island unto himself so hit me up if you wanna talk growing or grow stuff...


I have grown a 5 different strains & autos, used CFL, 250w mh, 400w & 600w and scrog. I am a soil grower and like my plant with a high brix value.


If you wanna drop knowledge on me I have an open mind...



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Hi I used to use Gravity but it has some really awful potential carcinogens (banned in CA and OR ) in it I now use a product called Massive which does not cause the crazy growth that gravity can induce but nice juicy buds.


Also home depot online has a really extensive array of well priced garden supplies and if you hit 45 bucks they ship free. /I got liquid humas, b vits , organic pesticides for a fraction of grow shop prices.


IF you are in the se mi area the energy company has a whole house plan and a few others where you are charged a whole lot less for electricity from 7pm to 11 am. If you can live with it then you will save money. I told one guy here and he figured it would save him 500 a year. So see if your power company has an alternative electricity use plan. Then send me 10% of what you save per year in perpetuity,since you are such a great person! (You buy that?) :devil: :devil:

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Each grower would have to have a separate locked area.



or maybe...

kinda like a bank box..

all the plants are stored in a system behind a locked and secured setup.


when the student arrives... they "sign in" and the "teacher/caregiver" could retrieve your specific "mother" plant.


your current lesson could continue.


in a separate locked "study room."


where it was one on one.


so long as the facility does not have more than the federal guidelines would trigger... under a 100 plants... then i could see a facility where a caregiver could help patients "rotate" through... learn as they need.. and then sign off.


each would of course have to wait 20 days.


each would have to legally connect


but so long as the sole purpose was an educational facility and the numbers stayed below federal guidelines i could see a cannabis campus concept working where maybe a couple dozen caregivers help just under a 100 people at any given time gain their independence and learn to grow their own medicine....


for now...


details to follow :)

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Some ppl cannot grow at home for different reasons...this would be a chance for them to produce their own meds...safe & legal...72 plant max and the caregiver/teacher would be the responsible party...as long as each seperate room is locked and has only 12plants...would this be legal? Would the cost of this make it un-feasable? This is my idea and I want it vetted...

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