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This Is Inappropriate, But Where Else To Get An Ear? Jury Or

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From a females perspective....there are still plenty of ways to be intimate with your partner without having intercourse. (I realize,however, that this is a -very- personal/sensitive decision.)


Are you stuck with your current attorney or could you find someone who will actually, ohh I dunno, do their job and represent you??


Sorry to hear about all you are going/been through :(

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you're asking people here to give you honest answers.

and the truth making whoopee hurts. most people here are trying to be nice.


but not me, i give people 100% truth if they want it.


i have two answers, because i dont know the details.

if you still have a penis, but cant get it up:

59? you old! you're done. take the 900k and be happy you had a working penis that long!


if they chopped off your penis:

on a jury, i'd award more than 900k for someone who has to pee in a bag.

unfortunately, it would only be ~1.5M.

if you have a wife and she can testify you do it every week, thats another 500K (sure why not)

but, even after a jury decides the amount, the judge can still alter it (i think?).


the problem is how much of it was their fault?

if you went in for a routine operation and they cut the wrong thing off, you get big buxx

if you already had a problem and they were trying to cut out a cancer but it didnt work and they had to take the whole thing... well... convincing a jury that the doctors didnt try hard enough . you wont make it far.


what you probably need to do is call some medical malpractice lawyers and see what other people in your situation have recieved awards for. the insurance company knows people get between 500k and 1.5m, and offers to settle for the average? who knows.


good luck, and sorry if truth hurts. also sorry about no sex.

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drill em for all their worth.


If your male you know dam well born by the P... die by the p.... ha ha but true. 2 million is better.


male or female you got 2 million if I am sitting there coming. 900,000 no prob.

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that's a tough call. I'd consider any other health problems beyond what you mention, that may arise from your accident. everything could become pricey if your ability to work is ever compromised due to this situation. It also sounds like your attorney is nudging you to settle so don't let her influence you much unless you completely trust her and her abilities. Is she a good trial attorney? Perhaps one that prefers a jury trial is what you may need. Good Luck!

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Ouch. Sorry to hear this.


Is this their 1st offer? If so I would turn that bunny muffin down in a heartbeat. IMO...NEVER take the 1st offer. They will lowball for obvious reasons. I know what it would be worth for me if I couldnt have intercourse again...and 900k would not cut it. I dont know your personal situation. Most folks would jump at 900K.


This is just my opinion...but if you can afford to hold out, I would hold out. Chances are if they made that big of an offer already they know you got a guaranteed lock type of case. You could potentially be looking at MILLIONS.


Whatever you decide to do...Best of luck.

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I read an artical on the web where over 60% women in the US aged 25 -55 would give up sex for six months for $2500. Sex is everything to some people and just another activity for others. If your only issue is the sex a jury might only show a certain level of symphathy but if there are other health issues they may be more cooperative. If the insurance company is willing to pay $900 K they must feel a jury would award 3 or 4 times that. Good luck.

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