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Diy Kief Press - Any Machinists Or Tool Pros?

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I am on a mission to make some dry sift kief, and then press it into pucks today!


Once I get some dry ice I plan to try the DIY PVC press one, but wondering if there are any machinists or steel/tool workers who can suggest how to get one like the Dr Pill one, for less than the retail price on these, since I don't have $90 for this.


The closest thing I have found so far is some steel cannoli forms, or some regular steel (not stainless) pipe. Is there a mechanic's or machinist's tool which is similar to the Dr Pill model?


Here is a demo of the real one, and a small DIY one using PVC pipe and 2 nickels:



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Someone was looking for dry ice in genesee co. Pretty sure there is a place called hava bar ice cream warehouse that sells the stuff cant remember where it was at but use to have to get the dry ice for daneks good time ice company and he probly carrys it too. Hav a bar Flint Daneks is in Owosso

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Got my dry ice pellets at Sav A Bar, and the lady asked me what I was going to do with it. When I told her it was top secret, she asked if I was making hash and said it is legal! haha


I got 2 half inch PVC pipe couplers (so I have a spare) at HD and a roll of nickels at WallyWorld. Now I gotta get to siftin' and a pressin', once I make small pieces out of the larger ones!

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Oh yeah - there was a guy at Sav A Bar also getting dry ice, so not sure why, but he said he has the dry ice making rig I posted last night on my dry ice post in his Physical Chemistry lab at Kettering U. He confirmed it can make dry ice from CO2 gas, but didn't know where to get one.

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