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Free Seminar With State Rep Mike Callton, Sponsor Of Hb 4271, This Saturday


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There is a free seminar to go over House Bill 4271 with State Rep Mike Callton is this Saturday at 8 pm.

The seminar is being held at The Castle, located at 43785 N. Gratiot, just South of Hall Road (M-59), in Chesterfield Twp. (Just off I-94, Use Exit 240, which is the M-59/Hall Road Exit)

The seminar is free, but donations are very much needed and appreciated right now to get this bill passed! Appetizers will be served. The Castle is a beautiful restaurant and there will be a DJ and dancing after the seminar wraps up.

Other local State Reps have been invited to attend and/or give their opinion on the Bill.

Please pass on the word, the seminar is open to the public and we hope everyone can attend and learn what House Bill 4271 means to you and your loved ones, along with what the sponsor of the bill, Mr. Callton, has to say.

Please RSVP as soon as possible, as we are making final food and seating arrangements.

RSVP and more information available at 313-469-6085.

Follow this link to find the event on Facebook.


Hope to see everyone there!

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I like this guy. He has a genuine concern for patients. If more of our "leaders" in Lansing thought like he does ... we would all be in a better position. His bill is not perfect and I am not sure I even support it but at least Mr. Calton recognizes our legal rights.

Representative Callton will bald face lie to your face. Here's his quote;

If you're a grower and are concerned about how

your now going to be able to continue to afford to grow your medicine, come

ask questions as to how HB 4271 will help you.


That statement is a bald face lie. The dispensaries can and will grow their own to sell. They will have little use for any caregivers as their huge warehouse grows start filling their inventories.

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When you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas. When lobbyist talking points include how bad the presents caregiver system is, this belies their true agenda. I hope they have played this card too soon, but when the deck is stacked it does not really matter when they are played does it?

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