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On A Lighter Note...

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What has been your most memorable event/situation that had been brought on by medical marijuana?


For me it was when I was able to use my knowledge, that a life of underground activity had brought me, to help a disabled veteran. As a former combat medic it was like everything I had done my entire life had made sense for once. I used to "hook" them up before, but to do it with a new found legitimacy just felt good.


Any good stories to share?

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The law gave me the ability to give more all the way around.


I am with the SFC as to the edibles opened the door for my back pain alone. Get the good stuff in the blood and kabaam you have a medicine!


This knowledge along breaks down into several stories.


True pain relief that no man but me has messed with, A safer alternative to all types of issues then the pills. A true alternative to those with both physical and mental issues.


Before the LAW I did not give a F- about the medicinal part as to only my case was an issue for me, but now many.


Now "I" in sentances is replaced more often with "them" or "they"

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For me it was around 7 years ago when I realized I was using MJ to treat symtoms,not just to get a buzz. That was a real revelation for me.


Ya. I see that a lot. Many people that started with recreational use gradually realize that they are also using it as a medicine. I haven't taken any APAP or Ibuprofen in years.

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I think if someone could get a bus around....


I think if someone could get the decent size group of 10 - 15 people that wish to use medical marijuana because they are very ill in the same area....


I think someone could take a group of elite or soon to be elite caregivers to a room with hurt.....


I think hearts would open.


To see from a screen is nothing.


Hence lack of "compassion"

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A bus for those that wish to be true caregivers...to take a ride on?


You see the lack of compassion comes from lack of knowledge.


Many children grew up wanting to make difference. Many have not had chance. Many simply do not know that they can change someones life for the better.


The TV teaches ME ME ME and usualy on ER they live.


Hmmm... they have no reason to help. So we got what we got which is what we get.


If you can show, they will see.

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Ha ha ha no sir, I cant even watch that stuff simply because they do it for fun. Now Take a Dad from Sandy Hook throw in the shooter and I will be able to justify the pain I will feel while the MF gets his eye ripped out.


Fight clubs are dumb...Life Clubs I can take.



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