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Election Plan From 2013 Till ?

Indica Jones

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Is there a list yet of would be politicians that have a pro cannabis outlook that will be running for office in each local county? I believe in order for us to move forward we need to plan at the local level to once and for all push our pro cannabis agenda. From township trustees to council members to agriculture/water/environment/ect. appointments.

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AFAIK, this November's election includes: mayor, city council, city clerk, and city treasurer. In some cities, not all of the city council is up for election.


Celliach's statement is most often true.

Unfortunately Michigan Republicans are usually anti-mmj, but of course there are exceptions including:


Amash Justin, Benishek Dan, Bumstead Jon, Callton Mike, Daley Kevin, Foster Frank, Kelly Mary Beth, MacMaster

Greg, McMillin Tom, Olson Rick, Pettalia Peter, Potvin Philip, Upton Fred, Wrathhell Mike, Yonker Ken,

Zahra Brian


There is also a far greater number of Michigan Democrats who are anti-mmj. The primaries are crucial to voting out the bad Democrats while supporting the good ones. Unfortunately the primaries get low turnout.


So for mmj, the important thing is to vote for officials with a positive track record for mmj.

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