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58 Comments Indefinite Detention: Michigan Senate Approves Bill Prohibiting Cooperation With Federal Government

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LANSING, MI -- The Michigan Senate today unanimously approved a bill that would prohibit state and local law enforcement officials from assisting the federal government in the indefinite detention of citizens of the United States.




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Great to hear that both Michigan democrats and republicans support due process. Nothing is funnier than the video of Senator Carl Level throwing Obama under the buss saying the Obama administration asked that the bill to detain people without due process apply to legal citizens. P. Obama saying he would not sign the bill was a political stunt. They count on people being blinded by the right left paradigm. When you drop labels and prejudiced thing become much clearer.


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Where were they eight years ago?


I agree. Conservative were party blinded when the patriot act was passed, one of the biggest hits to privacy and liberty. The democrats who where very vocal about how the patriot act striped us of our rights when bushed passed it were silent when the Obama administration and super majority democrats renewed it. Politics is a lot like big time wrestling.

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