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Letter: Medical Marijuana Serves A True Need For Patient With Multiple Medical Problems

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I am a 29-year-old medical marijuana patient. I suffer from severe migraines, a messed-up back, broken skull and vaso-depressor-syncope. Vaso-Depressor-Syncope is where your brain and your heart do not communicate the correct way and you pass out at random. I pass out at random three to four times a week.

The symptoms of vaso cause me to become very nauseous, extremely pale and light-headed. I was first suggested using cannabis by Michigan Heart back before cannabis was legal in Michigan for medicinal purposes, and it helped my condition greatly. The summer months when it is hot are almost unbearable for me as the heat sets off my passing out.

When I am able to use cannabis, I am able to at least be able to do things instead of being cooped up inside, sitting around. The cannabis has also allowed me to not have to take as many pain killers for the back injuries I have sustained by getting hit by four different drunk drivers.

I wanted to point out that the poor like me who cannot work and do not get Social Security cannot afford to grow our own. We also cannot wait for the growing process to be able to alleviate our pain. I myself have had two different caregivers, yet I had significant problems with both So, I have my card as my own caregiver and used a dispensary as I could look at and check out different varieties of medication to be used for my ailments.


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