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Is There Anything I Can Do?


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a few months back I posted about getting caught with a friend when I had some marijuana on me we were both charged with Use and he also got an open container, and his whole case was thrown out, but I ended up getting convicted and we were both in the same car? Would it be worth appealing to get off probation?

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i'm no lawyer, but it depends on your case.


you can appeal if the MSC made a favorable ruling ( in relation to your case.)

you can appeal if your lawyer was inadequate (but you're going to have an uphill battle unless you have hard evidence, like he was a crack addict and you need a new trial)

you can appeal if you think the judge made an error, and you have other cases which show that he/she made an error in judgment.


if you made a plea... well. might be more difficult.

of course, you should ask a real lawyer and not just an internet forum.


also, i'm not 100% sure on the figures, but is it worth $2000 to appeal a possession charge?

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