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We Have A New Pope

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Isn't cannabis legal in Argentina? Also, some of the Mayan doomsday sayers were saying there was only going to be 2 more popes before the end, not sure whether this includes resigners or not, or whether the Mayan prophecy is even still relevant or not. Buenes Aires however has some incredible musicians, which takes me back to my 1st question...

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theres a holly week? what about the rest of the year i mean only one week seams like short time or not enough time to save the hole world


The Catholic calendar is loaded with holy and feast days throughout the year. Holy week is a time when extra devotion to the faith is observed, and it is the week before and including Easter. Mind you, I am not an apologist for the Church, but am familiar enough with it to describe the goings on. I served Mass seven days a week as a child, spent a year in a Catholic Seminary where we spent a lot of time in chapel, in choir, and took class in Latin, said the rosary at home on my knees with my Mom and brother and sisters, and spent a lot of time with priests, who I found to be great people.

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then you get Pope Farts...?



V. You have provided them bread from heaven.

R. Having in itself [in se] all delight [delectamentum].



Tantum Ergo ...wiki -nice touch gReggallery_2767_621_29139.jpgs, OZzrockc


whoooa ....

cultivating dinosaurs*


...shame on you , kd ! They're not too many of them* left now, they lost there attempt to make it in Todays World. They're just too scary for most ....the

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