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Two Year Cards ?

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I went for card #5. DR. do not know said wait til April 1,2013 to send it in thinks price is still $25.00. Lara hasn't posted bunny muffin yet,just effective as of April 1,2013. they are a little behind on everything.He said they may have new paperwork ? Are they smoking all our profits?

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We handle it a little differently. I tell folks to wait until about a week before the 1st so that the card is in, but not issued until the first. For those that got one year cards between Jan and April this year, we'll do them for half price next year. That way it evens out over 3 years. And no, I've not heard anything about a change in the state price and think they would have a tough row to hoe if they tried to in light of a 10 mil profit. We aren't changing our prices and in fact have been doing specials all month in selected locations.


Dr. Bob

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If a card expires on April 1st, it would have to mail before the renewal date, to not have a lapse?

In the past, paperwork received more than 2 weeks before the renewal was held until the due period. i would think anything mailed after today should be good for two years.

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I sent mine in on nov 10th 21 days before it expired on 12-1-12, I got mine on 12-1-12 a one yr card, that will be so nice to have a 2 yr card, I think if people are disabled for life they should get one for life, I wouldnt mind them charging me for a card every 2 yrs, but not make my card expire unless I dont pay when they send me something saying my dues are due LOL!



I thought they were doing good finaly on getting cards on time, there were a few that didnt get them as fast as I did, my pt got hers like 3 wks before hers expired, and I got my c.g card the same day, hers expired on 10-1-12 we sent them in 6 weeks early like they said, it took 21 days to get our new ones, on hers we still had 2 wks to go before it expired, and the new card had the same expiration date!




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Will someone point out that they put 2 year cards in the law. Public Act 460 of 2012 (House Bill 4856)
Public Act 512 of 2012 (House Bill 4851)
Public Act 514 of 2012 (House Bill 4834)  http://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-35299_63294_63303_51869---,00.html

I can't find it in anything that says 2 year cards now.Am I missing something?  Why would they cut that fee in half just like that? $$$ They hate the MM law. Locking in your trunk treats it like a pistol. But with a pistol they have CCW's. Maybe they'll get CCW's for MM. To prove were resposible enough to keep it in our car, and not throw it at other cars driving by. Or pull it out and point it at a cop  Don't drive down 96, you might get hit with a giant bud of Kush.confused8.gif

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The cannabis community was tired of cards taking 6 months to get issued, that the program was raking in millions of dollars off of the sick people in the state who are Cannabis patients,.; so, CPU requested that cards last 2 years to help LARA get caught up on card issuances and move the programs income closer to what is needed to keep it fully operational.  I would give it up in a heartbeat to see that transportation nonsense go away though.  Bleh.



  Why would they cut that fee in half just like that? $$$ They hate the MM law. .confused8.gif

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They are absolutely pitiful.


The sheer incompetence is overwhelming.


But here is te wedge, stone int he shoe or wtvr ya wanna call it.


If they fall far enough behind even with the 2 year cards;  there will be privatization of the registry. An outside group/corporation will be processing our applications and such.  I don;t like the expanded possibilities of a confidential information violation by allowing so many more people to have access to information.

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