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Changing Your Address...

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I imagine that it's very important to notify LARA when you move, but how do you do this? I've found the following information but would like some first-hand responses to this question.


Question: Do I have to tell the MMMP if I change my mailing address or change my designated primary caregiver?

Answer: The answer to these questions is "yes". You are required to tell the MMMP in writing of any such changes within 14 days of the change. The MMMP does not accept changes of information over the telephone. The MMMP only accepts written changes about the patient's name, the patient's address, the patient's telephone number, the patient's physician, or the patient's primary caregiver. There is a $10.00 fee for issuance of a new registry card. Your new card reflects the changes you have requested. Your changes will be made in our computer database and will be put in your file. You will be protected from civil and criminal penalties for these changes. If you change your caregiver, you will be asked to return your old caregiver card within 14 days.


How long does it take for the changes to take effect and how long does it take to get the new registry card? Are you still considered legal during the interim? What happens if you are effectively at your new address, have notified LARA of the changes, yet have not received your new registry card? What is an example of a written notice regarding the change in your address or caregiver?

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execute the change form.

keep a copy of it as well as proof of mailing...


these forms will act as your new card until your plastic card arrives.


the change form negates your card by the action of executing it so you should keep a copy of your original doctors rec and all supporting paperwork handy also.


when i moved i filled out the change form and sent it in with a check for $10 the same day i did the change of address with the post office.

i kept a copy of all my original paperwork, my plastic card with the old address, and a copy of the change form on my person...


if you use certified mail, then keep a copy of proof of received as well.


keep in mind a change of address on your patient registry is a technicality... however if you are caught without being prepared it could cause quite the headache.

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Okay so I would check the "address change," box, then do I put my new address in Section A...I would assume? And you said that executing this change form negates my current card so I should keep the original paperwork from my certification on my person until the new card comes? So I should keep a copy of the original paperwork, my old card, a copy of the change form, and proof that it has been mailed.


So the change form and the proof of mailing will be my temporary "card" until the plastic on arrives. Okay.


So there is a $10 fee every time you make a change to your file...? That's the way it looks anyway.


It would probably be smartest if I were able to change my caregiver at the same time as I changed my address. But you're supposed to do this all within 14 days of the changes...so who knows, I might not have found a caregiver by then.


Anyways, thanks.


If anyone else has first hand experience and can think of anything to add, it's appreciated!



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no problem..


i love to help when i can...


i have moved twice since my original card...


back then they were taking 6 months or more to send a plastic card.. in my first year and a half - all i ever had was paperwork.. :)


now days LARA must be commended. they are doing a much better job.


yes.. the best thing to avoid the maximum amount of headaches would be to have a caregiver at the same time...

however that being said it really is not a big deal to change an address, or a caregiver so don't be worried about that process.


keep good records and copies of everything and have them available and you will have nothing to worry about.

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Ok I chaged my adress, and than a month later I changed c.g and put me on as posses plants, than I found a c.g and put in another change form, so I had my original pt card with c.g, when I did all of these changes, they were all in the system at the same time, I was actualy waiting on 3 different cards at one time lol, and I got them all at different times, first I got my change of adress, than my change of c.g to pt grow/ posses, and than my pt card with my new c.g, oh and than I became a c.g to a pt, they may have been confused, but I was not and all cards were sent, and as each one came they told me to cut up the old card I had!


No problems!



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