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Greater Clare Compassion Club Information


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I would like to announce that Hydro 411 in Clare (411 5th St, Clare MI 48617) is willing to host a club at the store starting Saturday, March 16th from 12-2 PM. It will run on every other Saturday ( and not run the same weekend as the Clare County Compassion Club, so people can feel free to attend both clubs if they wish) It will be called The Greater Clare Area Compassion Club, and run as a round table where everyone can be heard and participate as much or as little as they would like. People working with people, no hierarchy running the meetings- alternating people facilitating the bi-weekly meetings. A sign up sheet will be available for people to volunteer their services to facilitate upcoming meetings where they can provide guest speakers, movies, discussion topics, demonstrations, whatever they wish. Tables for local Artisans will be available during the meetings as well.


Info will become available at Hydro 411 starting this weekend, and also will be posted on this site. As the weather gets warmer, the meetings will be moved from the inside of the store to the pole barn area directly behind the store which is also on store property (wheel chair accessible). Lots of room for grilling, meetings, and activities! This is an attempt to bring people together...leave egos, bad blood, past beefs, and other nonsense at home. Let this be a fresh start for many, and a great beginning for many others. The Clare area and Central Michigan has a great community, and hopefully this club will be set up with a model that allows everyone to feel welcomed, needed, and engaged in the process.

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