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Caregiver + Cpl


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I'm sure this has come up before but I've only found answers relating to patients.


I'm a CG and have been for a couple of years now serving only a close friend and his fiance (who are my only patients) I am NOT a patient and haven't used in several years due to the fact that I would no longer have a job. But that's another discussion in its self.


That being said I'm looking to pursue my CPL for protection reasons. Will this be an issue? Will it even come up at the gun boards? Will they give me a hard time about it?


I guess I have a short follow up question as well. I also was ticketed 6 years ago for MIP and possession, which I used 7411 for and did probation without an incident. Will this come up at the gun boards as well? 7411 should have my record sealed correct?


Any inight is appreciated, especially personal experiences. I would like to keep helping my patients but I don't want my charity to effect my carry rights.

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It is a gray area. It also seems to be county dependent at this point as to how hard they are pursuing these types of cases.  I wouldn't bring it up to the gun board but other than specifically telling them you are a CG they won't know or ask.

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