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Marijuana. Harmless?

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This is funny and plainly stupid.. but the fact is I have been collecting information given to school children for quite a few years now and it is outrageous the lies they spread to our children.. The worst offender I feel is the school based health clinics.. They have phamplets on all kinds of drugs, alchohol, and other health issue.. I took the marijuana phamplet to check and it was completely insane the lies they tell our children are facts..  According to them marihuana is a big cause of many terrifying problems kids have such as infertility , mental illness including schizophrenia, Lung cancer, and it may make you want to do heroin from what they say.. My request to have this phamplet removed was not well received and it remains.. :-/

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The lies they have told over the years is what has brought in drugs for the masses. Back in the day they showed the movie reefer madness and told us what would happen if we did drugs.. fast forward 15 years and everone knew they were lying. Now the real bad drugs come out, angel dust, meth ect and they tell us how bad they are and no one believes them now...


When angle dust came out and the government said how bad that was people ignored that too, but when easy rider put a warning about it people listened.....

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