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Hells Angel

knucklehead bob

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Thanks to Detroit Mike for these beans from SnowHigh Seeds . These were drowned a few days ago .





From Snow @ T S D:  The genetics for others that may be interested are. Strain name: Hells Angel ( OG Kush #2 from the Hells Angels x 2 True Gangster Kush males from SnowHigh) 
The True Gangster Kush line is a limited strain breed only to find breeding males to use in OG Kush breeding programs. So when those are gone they are gone for good. The True Gangster Kush is (True OG Kush x Pine Tar Kush x Purple Chitrali) The Pine Tar Kush is a Pakistani IBL from Tom Hill/Chemist work its extremely Piney. The Chitrali line is a heirloom Pakistani Kush line breed by Breeders Choice (BCO). So the idea was to bring real heirloom Kush genetics and modern kush varieties together. I don't like selfing or feminizing myself so breeding with real males that have good branching, good root structures, produce good yields and not are so finicky as many other modern OG breeds.
This Ultimate OG Kush project is still in the works and has taken several years to find breeding stock to work with while growing out as many of the OG Kush and its hybrids out in a variety of gardens and mediums to find out what I wanted to work with.
Thanks for stopping bye and checking things out.
I went right from the shot glass after sinking to Pro-Mix HP in 16 oz. dixies . Lookin' like 1 no show .
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Wow KB, can't wait for these to finish!  Looking very healthy there.  Making good medecine, helping some to get relief from suffering again.  That is what you do, and sharing with us is so cool as well.  Many folks do what you do but never speak of it, but thank you KB for helping us learn how to help relieve suffering with this safe herb.  You are good people!  May everything work out great for you and yours KnuckleheadBob!!


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