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There Is Gold In Them There Hills In Mi

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well its getting close to spring, and hopefully this white schitt will be off the ground very soon and my gravel drive way will finaly not be a mud bog, so as I have many times since living on ssdi, I get to thinking how can I make easy money,,(not mm related) one yr I got into this scame about sending people a 5 dollar bill and when they send you one and pass your name on you will be making cash hand over foot lmao,,,,so i get out my trusty phone book and I write the letter (the pyrimid place told me to send) I go into phone book and I pick the town of elmira lmao, I sent out hundreds most were returned no one lives here and one person sent me 5 bucks, so instead of making me rich, it made me have even less money bawahahahaha, people realy do stupid things when they need money,


any how this winter after the talk of camping with a group of us, I get this brilliant idea, I ask google, I say google are there any abanded gold mines in michigan! and I got a lot of info, but Im not sure if I will go gold panning or not, but I did find out some interesting things about gold in michigan, if your interested this is the google search they gave me when I aske about gold mines in mich! hey one of the sites says there was gold in oakland county, and they also said there is gold in just about every gravel pit in MI. some interesting stuff if you have time check it out, if not, well call me a gold digger bawahahahahahaha!





happy panning or mining lol




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I know about the gold mines in Marquette County.  I even go to the exact area one mine is in to get verde antique, a green marble that resembles jade.  The actual mine, The Ropes Gold Mine, is completely fenced off.  It was an ore anyway, not pure gold that they were mining there, although a few nuggets were found.  A lot of the creeks in the UP will give up color to panners too.


I'm not really a gold person.  I'm more of a gem and mineral prospector, but the two overlap some and I still tend to gather information about gold mining up here because people are always asking me about it.


Have you heard about the diamonds?


....and we can always go and collect greenstones, the Michigan state gem.  I have a spot...........

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