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Does The State Keep Records Of Cards Issued In The Past?

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yeah they give it to the cops to go check on you. just kidding gm

Does any one know if LARA or the state keeps records of past issued cards once they expire?


So once your card expires, and if you choose not to renew, is there some record that you once possessed a card being kept somewhere?


Or do they purge this information?

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Drop out for what? McQueen? You going to stop medicating too? If not why in the hell would you even consider not having a card?

Some folks that might not have records may wish to drop out, some folks got a card just to go and have the dispensary experience and are over it, some may have started different careers and fear the registry effecting their employment somehow.


Just spitballing I dunno

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Drop out for what?  McQueen?  You going to stop medicating too? If not why in the hell would you even consider not having a card?

Well...I'm sure their are numerous good reasons to drop, but I don't like the fact that it can to some extent hinder my ability to use a fire arm to protect myself and family.  Can't purchase one either.  Now with some of these ammendments it's getting rediculous to transport, etc.  Just to many things to constantly have to moniter.  Some counties follow the law, others don't, etc.


Just don't want my past being used against me in the future.  Because they will if they can.


Also not sure how much defense it really offers.  I know 2 people around me who were legal and complient, they got raided, charges were eventually dropped, but it cost them a lot of time, money, and grief first.  maybe not worth it.  Just my opinion.  Not sure I will drop, but it is a lot of money and run around to medicate.

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yeah thinking about it.  Just wanted to know if they could dig up my past.  Thanks.


bawahahahahahahahahahaha!  I think most of us have thought the same thing at one time or another, nope to late you already sent the state a letter telling them you smoke the ganja hehehehe! so you may as well just at least stay a pt!




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Talked to LARA this morning, according to them if you do not renew you will show up as lapsed and no way to remove oneself. I specifically asked "So once I sign up I am in the registry forever regardless of whether I renew" ......yes


seems a lapsed card may be higher risk then never registering

Thank You!!!


Just as I suspected.


That isn't good.


But I suppose it's more conveinent for them to keep the information around if you decide to renew at some time in the future.

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So it sounds like it would be very difficult for any government agency to get your past history if i understand that letter correctly?

I think the letter shows you what they can find out if they don't follow the guidelines set forth by the MM Act. Just use a computer to run every number possibly a registration number, get the whole list of them, then start adding names to that. A computer hack, by an overzealous government official, or anyone else, could give them the whole list of patients, past and present.

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This is from the LARA FAQ:


Question: Can a patient withdraw from the program?



Yes. A patient must submit a written statement that he or she wishes to withdraw from the MMP, along with a copy (front and back) of their valid photo ID, and their registry ID card. If the patient has a caregiver, it is helpful to return the caregiver registry ID card at this time also. It is the responsibility of the patient to notify his or her caregiver, if applicable, that his or her card is no longer valid.

When the department is notified by the patient that he or she would like to withdraw from the program, the department shall notify the primary caregiver by mail at the address of record informing the caregiver that his or her card is no longer valid and, if we did not already receive the caregiver registry ID card, they must return it to the department within fourteen (14) calendar days.

If the patient so chooses, he or she may reapply as a new patient at any time. In order to reapply a patient must submit the required documentation and application fee.



I do not know if their policies change when requesting to be removed from the program, or just letting a card expire. Good luck.

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