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Flowering Light Schedule Advice Needed


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Looking for some input on what would be the ideal light schedule for my flowering room, I "did" have the schedule set to 6 am to 6 pm, but due to some advice by a friend, I changed it to 11 pm to 11 am,, however, I am finding that there are more "CONS" to this new schedule than "PROS".



1 Plants won't be so cold at night.

2 Plants won't be so hot during the day.

3 Should not have to run space heater.

4 Electric bill should be less (this has not been confirmed yet).




1 Must stay up late at night every night to check on plants, water, maint, etc.

2 Would not be able to drink due to needing to be coherent to take care of plants late at night.

3 Impossible to prevent light leaks, easier to prevent them at actual night time.

4 Impossible to ever open the door to flower room during daylight hours, even if I had a green light bulb due to natural light seeping 5I like to harvest plants first thing upon the plants morning time, so I would now need to harvest them late at night.

5 Due to where my flower room is located, I would have to keep other parts of my home dark during the day to prevent any accidental light sneaking into to the flower room.

6 If power goes out, plants are pretty much screwed since I don't have a generator. (Could atleast bring them in to a room with sunshine during the day).




 I am thinking I should just change my flower room lights back to the 6 am to 6 pm,,, but how do I do this without stressing my plants too much?  I think I stressed them in the last 2 weeks adjusting my lights from the six to six to the eleven to eleven, but I think I should go back to six to six but not sure the best way to do this. I currently have 8 plants in the room, each one is one week apart, I flip one a week. I have noticed that 2 are having strange bud growth and I'm sure it is because of me changing the light schedule on them. I changed the light schedule gradually over about a week, one hour each day, the plants were not getting 12 hours light, they got more dark.


Anyhow, just looking for some advice and thoughts,,, ???


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high.... u can just give them extra dark in flower till u get to the right time with out effecting them... i run my lights from 5 pm till 5 am..... for the reason of cooler temps when lights on.. and then i have 3 to 4 hours a day to work on my plants till bed time.....

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I would suggest that you adjust your light schedule to when it's good for you!! I know about the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter but you need to be @ the top of your game when you go into the flower rm because there are a few things that might need your attention..Sometime you just have to pay the cost..Nobody said it was gonna be cheap or easy.

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Cheap n easy...ya sure it is.  I'm way more productive during the am and early pm hrs so that's when my bloom lights are on.  I tried it the other way and I just wasn't bringing my A game to my "girls" so I switched it back.

right on ..... best to have the lights running when ur more likely to be more into working on them......

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