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Paying For The War On Drugs

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US TX: PUB LTE: Time To End War On Drugs


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URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v13/n151/a08.html

Newshawk: http://www.drugsense.org/donate.htm

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Pubdate: Wed, 03 Apr 2013

Source: Houston Chronicle (TX)

Copyright: 2013 Houston Chronicle Publishing Company Division, Hearst Newspaper

Contact: viewpoints@chron.com

Website: http://www.chron.com/

Details: http://www.mapinc.org/media/198

Author: Dick Russell




Regarding "Mexico must curb cartel violence" ( Page B11, Sunday ), the essay misses the point entirely. The only way Mexico can curb drug war violence is for the U.S. to cease the war on drugs. The drug war has been a lost cause since its inception, just as was Prohibition, and should be scrapped.


Both did and have caused extreme lawlessness here and abroad for no good end. The Mafia et al. spawned by Prohibition turned to the more profitable drug trade after alcohol was legalized. We should note that at least Prohibition was sanctioned by a constitutional amendment, which brings into question the constitutionality of the war on drugs.


Former president of Mexico Vicente Fox said the U.S. should legalize drugs to curb violence, and an International panel concedes the war on drugs is lost. Why can't the U.S. feds see the truth? Are too many of them earning salaries from waging the lost war and have a vested interest in keeping on spending our tax dollars on this lost cause?


Dick Russell, Houston

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It should be capitalized: Penis? Peniss??


What's happening in Mexico currently is a gross atrocity, made so much more so, because it is happening on the same continent as us. The former saviors of the human race. Making peace in such far off lands as the shores of Tropoli, Germany and Japan. Yet perpetuate a brutal,  devastating, dehumanizing, deadly agenda that has little if anything to do with drugs.  Citizens have began banding together for their own self preservation in a few areas.  Cartels have infiltrated police and taxi-unions. openly run kidnap / extortion scemes , run and enforce protection pmnts. Intimidate, threaten and murder press agents.   Yet their new Presidunt is busy selling off the National Assets to bolster the economy.  


The Attrocity Continues .... Daily ....   24/7 .... Guns = $$$ ... Drugs for Oil  ... Peoples Lives Destroyed ... The Planet Weeps ... The Capitalist Sleeps 

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Why would anyone be given the name "penis". Is this a foreign name, like Phuc, that translates differently in English?


Just kidding. The editor for this forum needs to be scrapped. When it isn't possible to use a name like "Dickk" (with one k), I think things have been taken a bit too far.


You're right Chaunc,


I'll start looking closer at how the authors list themselves.


I'm just glad he didn't sign it, 'Erect Richards'.


Now THAT would be going too far.


But the 'issue' of the story was right on, no matter how he signed it.

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