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Newbie here stopping in to say hello and to solicit some assistance.  I hope to have my license soon and am working on finalizing my plans for my first grow room.  I have been doing a lot of research and need some advice on ventilation in particular (most likely more down the road).  I have not  found a decent grow room plan online for a small scale grow room.  I live in south central MI in the country a bit with lots of privacy and my plan is a basement grow room , 8x8x8, broken up as  4x8 work/storage/harvest/cure area, 4x4 flower and 4x4 veg/clone/mother(s) (or maybe 4x5 flower 4x3 veg).  Plan dirt grow, have direct access to basement window from room, plan on 240v 400 (or 600) HPS for flower, and cfl's for veg etc.  Definitely do not want the aroma in the house so carbon filter and/or vent outside with moth balls to cover aroma from the meter reader and guests. I plan on a perpetual grow with 2 mothers diff strains, 4 clones, and two in veg in veg room, and four in the flower room.  Harvest one plant every 2-3 weeks.  The reason for 4 clones is that I am new and figure when I pull one to harvest I can start two clones and pick the best one to send to veg and discard the other all together staying under 12 plants.  Just need meds for me so every three weeks (plus or minus) harvest should be good.  Now to some questions>

1) Should I vent exhaust outside?

Some say yes and some say no. The guys at the local hydro shop said I should not vent outside and exhaust through a carbon filter directly in my basement with the carbon filter setup outside the grow room (basement air in and basement air out and this seems to conflict to how I have read that carbon filters should be installed). 

2) Can I plan on one inline fan for exhaust, pull passively through each room and split the fan to an air cooled HPS.fixture?

3) How do you recommend I setup the ventilation for this grow room?


Open to any and all suggestions?


Thanks all!







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If your out in the country its fine to vent your grow outside I vent 2x1000 hps lamps using a 8 inch 580 cfm inline fan you can pull air out of veg but I don't here it stays a steady 82 in veg and 81 in flower lights on during the summer months I pull my vent because of foot traffic here in the hood and I use a 8000 btu portable AC in the flower rooms on hot days .

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