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How Many Days Did Your Take To Flower?

pic book

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I think we need a thread to disseminate flowering times, especially in different mediums. My gripe about strain descriptions is what does 51-84 days tell you about your growing conditions? I'll start out.

Promix BX with Ionic nutes, 50 wpsf.

46 Durban Poison

46 Master Kush

42 Lemon Cake

42 King's Kush


RDWC hydro, DynaGro nutes, 50 watts psf.

65 God Bud

56 Qleaner

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Im mostly promix, moving back to hydro. most my strains i run 60 days. I never pull a plant with more then 10%or so white hairs. I have been wondered about this seeing atot of 40-50 day finishers lately. l can run a plant 55 days or 70, kush, haze their isnt a of difference to me. It works or it doesnt for me. im not sure real numbers on weight and potency from day to day after 45ish days but the buds a prettier after the hairs turn.

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The DevilsJelly (Devilberry x Jillybean) strain is so yummy, but I had to narrow it down to two phenos from four.

Now even though they are both DevilsJelly female plants -- one flowers in 42 days and the other flowers in 56 days.

After getting to know the strain better I found that the 42 day girl is like the father Devilberry and the 56 day girl is like the mother JillyBean.


It's tough to call a flower time because of the world of conditions that can alter the finish. Pheno type is just one variable, but it's a biggie! :D

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