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Does Anyone Know What Strain Works Best For Ms And Where To Buy Seeds?

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Hello,  I am new to the site and need some help in choosing what strain works best for MS and if there are any local places to purchase seeds from.   I have found some of the sites mentioned on the site that are out of the Country, but found alot of recent bad feedback.  The only information I have found so far for MS is that during the day the Sativas help with energy and at night the indica helps sleep.  I found this info in an article from a MS patient who has gotten some of his life back from the MS.   The problem is that he is from another State and I have had no luck getting in touch with the patient to see what strain's he uses.  I am hoping that there might be a MS patient who has had similar luck with this or a seed supplier who may have suggestions for me.  I have done some research on seed suppliers and see where people drive all over the State, get to a place that says they have the seeds their looking for, only to find out they didn't and then they try to talk them into buying whatever seeds they have.



Since I am new to the site, is there a way that contact can be made with a seed supplier seperate from a general post like this?   Maybe it is the newbie and not knowing anyone on this site, but it took me almost an hour to decide to send the post.   Thank you for your time.

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I would suggest that you work from clones instead of seed.


GW pharm has gone through a lot of human trials with MS patients to prove what works for them is an even amount of THC and CBD.


Cannatonic #7 hits that.


We have Tora Bora which also has the, roughly, equal amounts of each. Tora Bora won the cannabis cup this year in some category.


Both of those are in Michigan.

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