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Do I Need A Caregiver's Permission To Drop Them?


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I recently moved to a new town far away from my old caregiver and have a few questions. I'm interested in dropping my caregiver and just growing for personal use. I have the forms, and while I see there's one for changing a caregiver, should I just leave the form blank? Or do they want me to have the old caregiver sign off and fill out the information? Also, if I just wait and renew my license sans caregiver information, does it just default to giving the right to possess plants back to me?

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you should notify your old caregiver in writing..


send them a letter and let them know your submitting a change form... i am pretty sure they are supposed to return their caregiver card to LARA or destroy it... i would have to double check on that one..


complete the change form and check the appropriate box on the top. fill in all the information.. and if you are not going to have a caregiver at all then put "none" or "N/A" where applicable.


general advice... when filling out a legal form... never leave any box or line blank.  :)



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Absolutely let the Caregiver know before you are going to make the change. That change takes much less time than getting your card. You must send the card back within 15 days. I had a patient that had to be out of the program during legal issues and the State let me know via letter. There is a 517 number in Lansing for questions on issues or card status. Same number law enforcement uses as it was one of the options. 

 And I think that knowing who Bill Schuette is should be required knowledge to use this site. And that the $9 Million overage in the LARA account from members of the registry should be able to use the money to fight cases in court and sue the city or county that shamelessly harrass legal card carrying members. Certainly stop Law Enforcement from using the fund!!!!!!!!!!!

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