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Drug/commie War Flips Up One Of Its Own. Ties To Reagun Admin

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Guatemala's victory for human rights highlights a major US failure...  theguardian


I thought Nixon, had superseded the commies, when he announced the War on Drugs.  Maybe Their main advisor Mr Henry  Kissinger [ nie Loeb ]  had misrepresented some of the facts? 


I think we deserve better than this for our investments. ie Taxes, Tolls, Community Services, Military services, etc. So much for Freedom, Justice, and the American way [democrazy?] wtf happened.


F our credit rating, who's responsible for degrading our ethics and morality ? 


other reports:


Though as you might understand, unbiased press is difficult to find. This seems to be a fair rendition and fair to US Interests imo

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Until Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et. al. are brought to justice for their part in killing hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern people and thousands of our military personell, the Guatemalans are light years ahead of us in terms of human rights law.

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