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Week 8 Flowering, Plant Is Hermie.

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So if you been watching the other thread you will know im overcoming a Mite issue, In so dong about 4 or 5 days ago i cut off a bunch of dead and egg infected fan leaves, i didnt cut nothing from the top to 5 nodes down. Today i go into flower room and the biggest plant is growing bananas all the sudden.


I know this is a stress hermie, question is this and i need some good advice please, do i ditch the plant and call it a loss? I cant use it if i dont flush a week or two. If i do that the other plants may be stressed as well from the mite fan leaf cutting and could go hermie to. im inclined to run the course. im in week 8 of a sativa strain unknown. my indica pistils turned today as well so the flush on that has begun.


I dont wanna watch 12 weeks a work go to pot. Whats the worst that can happen? 4 are 8 weeks in 2 are 4 weeks in.



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The plant will pollinate itself and any others in the room when it starts throwing pollen. I would think that it would take a week or more for the plants to develop detectable seeds, so you probably have a window of about a week or so to harvest. Male flowers and small seeds will have no effect on the potency.

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i have a sensitive strain that loves to hermi when the power goes out and the lights vary by more than 30 minutes...


once you spot a nanner...




sorry to be the bearer of bad news...but in my experience... if you see one.. .there are more.... usually many more...possibly hundreds....


if the nanner is already yellow... it is about to open and is already full of pollen...if its still green then you have a few days...


one nanner is enough to pollinate an entire room...


isolate that plant if you must save it... or you risk seeds in the entire room...


scope the trychomes and see if they are cloudy or amber...if its close or even possibly ready... with any luck it may not be pure sativa and it has enough of an indica cross to finish early.


sativas grow closer to the equator.. so they like more light and longer doses of it..

indicas grow further from the equator.. so they have wider leaves.. and have learned to grow with less light and in a shorter duration.


most of todays crops are a hybrid...

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I had a long time grower friend come over, he said the problem isnt to bad and that i should change my light regimen and start flushing. Last night i went from a 12-12 regimen down to a 10-14 lighting schedule. I will run these out for two weeks, see if my other indica which is 2 weeks behind these main ones is gonna seed, if so ill be done with all of it ,chop it, keep whats decent and make oil out of the rest. Sterilize flower room and move in all my veg plants and keep rolling.  This morning i became aware of some guy in canada named Rick Simpson. Now i have heard this name alot but just blew it off alot like jack herer etc etc. Just names attached to thc/cbd. Well after watching this documentary my whole plan of action is changing. If i can make this rick simpson oil and find a good strain that works for my wife, let me just say i get choked up to think i can do something so awesome for a woman i have been in love with for over 20+ years. So now the research is on but i will post about this elsewhere soon.


So in this thread i love tests,i will get my digital camera back tomorrow and start posting pics every few days to document my decision and post the outcome no matter how good or bad. My friend seems to think it takes pollen 4 weeks to develope, im 54 days in on the last stretch so we are gonna roll the dice and see what happens and attribute the knowledge to future grows.

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