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Need Help, My Wife Has Cns Lymphoma


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just paid $3800 that I didn't have for 70 grams of oil. Naphtha was used to strip the buds but I am concerned with the gas odor and burning taste. Would like to give to my wife (diagnosed with CNS lymphoma) but concerned with doing more harm than good. Any suggestions? Thanks

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if you can find someone that will process to strict tolerances (a very clean end product), il donate a very clean & strong source material, no charge. can get you a cannabinoid profile as well. all i need is a real diagnosis and assurances that the meds will go towards your wife's care.


in all sincerity, giving consideration to the medical condition, you should have the cleanest end product as possible. and that will come from people that are really conscientious, both in growing & processing. unfortunately, im not in a position to safely process, but can offer you unadulterated source material.


maybe we can help out as a community. after all, the law really should be here to protect and assist people like you. wishing you the very best.

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Why not make hashish, by any method, bring it to heat with a very little vegetable oil over very low heat, not letting it get over 230-240 degrees to decarboxylyze it, and use it pretty much as you would oil extracted with petrochemical hydrocarbons? The stuff is sterile and non-toxic, not to mention that you won't need a fire extinguisher handy unless you're really stupid.

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