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Lara Parkinsons & Ptsd - Final Determinations Of Department

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47 reads and not one reply?

i guess pb is on "paid vacation".


was this LARA denial of PTSD and Parkinsons expected?

i expected them to reject it, like other mmj states ex. oregon battling for ptsd support.


the rejection reason is unenglish. 

"its denied because the rules state a majority of people have to vote to send the petition for a recommendation" 

5-2 is a majority. did they want a unanimous vote? did i misread it? can someone explain it to me?


wheres heyduke ? did he get this letter from lara?

where is this letter posted on laras site?

did any petitioners get this letter in response to their application?

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Since there were only 7 votes of the 13 total members, 6 obviously didn't show up or vote.  How many were present to vote?


Though both were clearly supported, the department obviously had no intention of adding to the condition list so they found an excuse to deny them.  It was all a dog and pony show.  


Now we get to do it again.


Dr. Bob

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I did not get the letter.  I thought it a pretty weasely response and I was disappointed.  I tend to think they would have found another excuse even if we had seen PTSD and Parkinsons get 13 votes.


As of right now, I am not on the Panel anymore.  I do not know if I will be on the new Panel but I did send in my resume.  Sorry I don't know too much more than that today.

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anyone contact their reps, governor and LARA to find out when the panel will be seated?


i guess they have 6 months from april 1st under hb 4834 to seat the panel? so by october?


@heyduke: thanks. i just wasnt sure where the lara directors letter would have been sent to.

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